Pondering the Night Sky Series

I became acquainted with Paleface’s music in 2015, and I have been blown away by his lyrics and the raw energy of his sound.  He and girlfriend/drummer, Mo Samalot, have been wonderful to work with.  None of Paleface’s lyrics are available in written form, so I need to deeply listen to his songs and then […]

Bunker Hill Neighbor

When we decided to move from Connecticut to North Carolina, Bill and I sadly left behind some wonderful neighbors.  This piece depicts our 1764 farmhouse.  Imagine that…a house that was built before the Revolutionary War and continues to thrive.  This house and our neighbors gave us much joy throughout our 16 years of stewardship.  We […]

Bunker Hill Barn

It was a warm spring day when I decided to sit on my porch and draw our barn.  At the time, we were living in a 1764 farmhouse in Connecticut, and our 100-year-old barn provided a loving home for our llamas and chickens.  In the past, it sheltered cows, horses, and a couple buffalo!  This […]

Peace Cat

This cat represents all of the cats who have shared their lives with me.  She represents the ultimate of quietude, peace, balance, and comfort.  Much of the design represents blankets and afghans…coziness. 044 Peace Cat is available for purchase by emailing Barbara@WildesArt.com .